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We created this blog to share with you our passion for our profession.

Blog – de Buedemleër

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Floor coverings, blinds, tips, favorites and news from our company: we look forward to sharing our experience with you.

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How to Remove Encrusted Stains from a Carpet?

If a rug is an elegant decorative element, encrusted stains can quickly dull its colors. Here is a practical guide to removing them!

Which insect screen to choose for windows?

Tired of being woken up in the middle of the night by a buzzing mosquito? Opt for a window insect screen !

Which insect screen to choose for doors?

There are so many different types of door screen, it can be hard to find your way around. We’ll help you find your way.

Custom-made insect screens: how to choose them?

Insect screens have many features. We’ll help you make sense of them!

Gérald – A Pillar of Team Spirit at de Buedemleër Retires

Gérald Giannini is preparing to turn the page on his professional career! After three decades with de Buedemleër, it is with strong emotion that the company’s first employee is retiring. Devoted, with a great team spirit, dedicated to training and safety, Gérald has evolved as the right-hand man alongside Ben Jungers.

Reverse Advent calendar: Give instead of receiving

Let us introduce you to the reverse Advent calendar, which we’ve been practicing since 2018 (more on that at the end of the article).

When is it necessary to install a slip resistant flooring?

In some places, the installation of a slip resistant flooring is strongly recommended, or even mandatory. These include retirement homes, communal kitchens and sports hall changing rooms. The aim, of course, is to prevent falls and workaccidents.

de Buedemleër is also a guarantee of quality for its employees

Since the creation of our company, we believe in the benefits of mutual respect and sharing. This belief – which is part of our DNA – structures the relationships we have with our team members. It is by working together, hand in hand, that we ensure the sustainability of our jobs and build an appreciable work environment.

Carpets and rugs, better than their reputation

In the collective imagination, textile floor coverings, such as carpets and rugs, often have the reputation of causing or amplifying certain respiratory allergies or of being dust nests. However, as we will see, this is not the case.

3 good reasons to renovate a floor (instead of changing it).

Warm, aesthetic, comfortable… the parquet floor gives for sure a serious cachet to your interior decoration. However, with the passing of time, a parquet floor can become damaged. Certainly, a regular maintenance allows to preserve its aesthetic qualities. But sometimes its appearance seems too damaged, outdated or no longer in harmony with the decoration of a room.

What you need to know before choosing the fabric of your curtains.

The curtains do more than filter the light and protect from view, they enhance and harmonize your decor. But deciding between a thin fabric like the voile or a more obscuring, between natural or synthetic materials, between a plain fabric or another patterned is not always very obvious.

Decorative cushions: treat yourself!

Cushions play an essential role in decorating, they are part of those small details that decorate a room. They come in all colors and shapes. They can be classic, modern or contemporary: here are our tips to help you choose them!

We take you on a treasure hunt.

Sometimes on site, we discover well hidden treasures. No, they are not chests filled with gold coins and hidden there by pirates, however they are rare and valuable things. We explain it all in pictures.

You have installed your Christmas tree yet? Be careful with your wooden floor!

If there is one key piece of the Christmas atmosphere, it is the tree! If you are part of the team that swears by the natural tree but you have wooden floors in your living room, you must take certain precautions. Follow our advice and discover other ecological alternatives.

We support the Nationalen Dag vum Bam and Rainforest

True to the ecological and environmental values that are part of the DNA of our company and our employees, we support the Nationalen Dag vum Bam and the Rainforest association.

Three professional ways to replace your tiles

Your tiles are out of fashion, worn out, and you’re tired of your bathroom floor being so cold? We present you the three methods that exist to replace your old tiles

Varnished parquet: a professional advises you!

Easy to maintain and resistant, varnished parquet has many assets to seduce. However, before making this choice of flooring, there are some things you need to know. Here is the advice of Ben, our manager, who tells you what you need to know about it before adopting it, or not

de Buedemleër brings handball courts into compliance

The International Handball Federation imposes 3 new rules from the 2022 season. We will explain why this concerns us.

Oiled flooring: everything you need to know before choosing

Oiled parquet is becoming increasingly popular. This is largely due to its aesthetics which delicately and warmly emphasizes the authenticity of the wood. But before making the choice of this type of finish it is important to know the specificities of oiled parquet.

How to maintain a varnished or oiled floor?

Warm and aesthetic, parquet is a natural floor covering with an exceptional longevity. But to enjoy it for many years it is necessary to clean and maintain it with practices adapted to its material: wood

The 5-S method, what is it all about?

When Ben Jungers took over the management of the family business in 2012, he quickly sought to restructure and reorganize our warehouse and offices using the 5-S method.

Christian, our first warehouse keeper, takes his retirement

This August 2022 our warehouse keeper, Christian, will take a well-deserved retirement. The whole Buedemleër team thanks him for all these years of collaboration and wishes him a good and pleasant retirement.

Honey by de Buedemleër

When Den Hunnegebier launched an appeal for his project “loun eng Bei” (rent a bee) in early 2022, we reacted immediately.

Custom curtains: the advice of our experts

Claudine and Monique, our experts in interior design, blinds, curtains and screens present the finishes of curtain heads most requested.

de Buedemleër is committed to the promotion of Luxembourgish.

Lifelong learning takes many forms with us. One of them is that we ask our team members to follow Luxembourgish courses, if they have not had the opportunity to learn the language before.

Loose Lay: an alternative to traditional flooring.

If you are interested in this process, please visit our showroom to see the variety of Loose Lay tile samples we offer.

Keep your home at the right temperature all year round with Duette shades.

The sunny days are coming and you are looking forward to enjoying them. But you don’t want to have to close your shutters and live in the dark or turn on the air conditioning to keep your home from overheating.

How to create the custom carpet that suits you.

The choice of a carpet can sometimes be tricky, as the models offered in decoration stores have by definition standardized dimensions and the choice of patterns and colors available is limited.

de Buedemleër: certified SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber since 2010

Aware of the necessity to adopt a sober and anti-waste management of resources, de Buedemleër is certified “SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber (SDK)” since 2010.

de Buedemleër became the first Tarkett ReStart® partner in Luxembourg

de Buedemleër became the first company in the Grand Duchy to become a partner of the circular economy and “Cradle to Cradle” program of Tarkett: Restart®.

de Buedemleër celebrates 25 years of success and commitment

We are proud to have been doing this exciting work for a quarter of a century.

The Best Training Company Award 2017 was awarded to DE BUEDEMLEËR.

The objective of the “best training company” prize is to put a Luxembourg company in the spotlight for its policy in the field of learning, whether it is initial or lifelong learning.

de Buedemleër celebrates its 20th anniversary and reaffirms its values

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, de Buedemleër gathered its partners and collaborators during a big festive and convivial evening